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Restored is a 4-part series led by Victor Marx and Joshua Broome, designed to help you find freedom from pornography. Victor and Joshua each bring their own unique experiences to bear in this powerful approach to helping men (and women) break free from the grip of porn on their life. This series focuses on the core issues behind the problem to help you understand the true nature of porn’s insidious effects, the reasons people seek it out, and how you can experience abundant life free from pornography.

Along with each of the four video sessions, you’ll find a companion PDF resource with thought-provoking questions and relevant Scripture references to help reinforce what you’ve learned. There is also a journaling section so you can take notes as you watch the video.

Finally, after each video session you’ll get a quick 5-question quiz to test your knowledge on the subject and further cement your understanding of each issue.

We hope Restored helps you believe that you CAN find freedom and healing from your struggle with pornography and experience the joy of sex the way God designed it for you.

Happy learning!

Severely abused as a child, by the time Victor Marx graduated from high school, his life was filled with drugs, fights, and theft. The discipline of military life and faith in God helped Victor recover from his traumatic childhood and empowers his work helping others today.

Victor has a strong conviction for helping those affected by ISIS, as well as stepping in to guide and redirect troubled juvenile offenders. He also works hard to support military personnel from all branches, including the special operations community.

Victor challenges his audiences to maintain and build spiritual health. He believes in the importance of the faith community in the military and mixes humor with real-life stories of survival and redemption to encourage a resilient lifestyle. He is a Contributor with TPUSA Faith and is passionate about helping people find freedom from their addictions and past hurts.

Victor is a dedicated husband of 30 years, a father to five, and a proud grandfather.

If you’re interested in supporting the work that Victor Marx is doing at All Things Possible Ministries, please go to to take more courses and donate to the amazing work they’re doing over there!

Joshua Broome was once one of the most successful adult film stars in the industry, completing more than 1,000 pornographic films in six years. He obtained fame and wealth as he traveled the world, but ultimately discovered that nothing he pursued could fill the emptiness in his heart. Then he encountered Jesus and experienced the satisfaction his soul was thirsting for.

Joshua now appears on podcasts, TV shows, and at live events to tell God’s story of redemption in his life. He has overcome depression, thoughts of suicide, and the emotional scars that come from working in pornography.

Today he’s a passionate communicator of a message of restoration and healing through the life-giving power of Jesus. He’s been married for five years and has three sons. Joshua co-hosted the Restored! series with Victor Marx to let you know that it’s never too late to change the course of your life.