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The covenant of marriage has always been and will always be a constant cornerstone, deeply rooted in tradition and faith. “Marriage Matters,” a course offered by TPUSA Faith and BLEXIT, dives into the multifaceted importance of this sacred union. Over three enlightening sessions, participants will explore the legal, economic, emotional, mental, social, and familial pillars of marriage, uncovering how these aspects contribute to personal development and societal well-being.

This course aims to:

  • Illuminate the profound legal and economic implications of marriage, emphasizing its role in securing personal and communal prosperity.
  • Delve into the emotional and mental dimensions of marital relationships, offering strategies for deepening connections and navigating challenges.
  • Examine the social impact of marriage, including its influence on community stability and child upbringing.

“Marriage Matters” invites you to embark on a journey of discovery, whether you’re stepping into marriage or seeking to strengthen your existing bond. Join us as we explore the essential role of marriage in God’s design and its transformative power in our lives and communities.

Happy learning!

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