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Many Christians want to stand for racial unity, but don’t know how. And many modern approaches to “racial reconciliation” can create more problems than they solve. Join Monique Duson, founder of Center for Biblical Unity, on a journey to a solid approach to racial unity, one deeply grounded in historic Christianity, not woke culture. Reconciled is a six-session Bible study for faith groups or individuals that will help you understand true biblical unity.

Reconciled is designed to equip you to answer these crucial questions:

What is the “Ministry of Racial Reconciliation”?
Who Do You Think You Are?
What Does It Mean to be Family?
How Do We Walk in Unity?
What Can We Learn from the Early Church?
Whose Responsibility is Racial Unity?

Along with each of the six video modules, you’ll find a companion PDF resource with thought- provoking questions and relevant Scripture references that help reinforce what you’ve learned. There is also a journaling section so you can take notes as you watch the video.

Happy learning!




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Monique Duson is the President at the Center for Biblical Unity. She has a background in social service and children’s ministry. She has worked with a diverse array of under-served communities. She worked as a Missionary to South Africa for over four years, serving children and teachers impacted by drugs, violence, and trauma. She spent two decades advocating for Critical Race Theory (CRT), but through a series of events, began to clearly see the contradictions of CRT with the historic Christian worldview. Monique is now convinced that CRT is not the best way to achieve racial unity and actively speaks out against the use of CRT within the church.

Monique has appeared on shows such as Relatable (with Allie Beth Stuckey), the Alisa Childers podcast, and Breakpoint (with John Stonestreet). Monique has a BA in Sociology from Biola University. She is working on a MA in Public Theology at Birmingham Theological Seminary.