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Many Christians today are seeking clarity on the role of governance and leadership within the context of their faith, especially in a nation as historically rich and complex as America. The prevailing narratives often leave us wondering about the balance between divine authority and human governance. “Who is the King in America?” led by Bill Federer, is a transformative study that navigates the intricate journey from ancient monarchies to the unique establishment of America’s constitutional republic, deeply rooted in biblical principles and historical wisdom.

This course is designed to answer important questions such as:

How has the concept of kingship evolved from ancient times to today?
What distinguishes American governance from historical monarchies?
How do biblical principles intersect with the ideals of a constitutional republic and self-governance?
In what ways can Christians engage with their civic duties in light of Scripture?

Dive into this exploratory journey with “Who is the King in America?” and uncover the foundational truths that have shaped the heart of American governance. This course promises to enlighten, challenge, and equip you with a deeper appreciation of the role of Christians in the public square.

Happy learning!

Bill Federer is a renowned historian, author, and speaker known for his extensive research on American history and its foundational ties to religious and democratic principles. His work offers insightful analysis on the evolution of governance, emphasizing the significance of biblical values in shaping the United States’ constitutional framework.